The keyring that the police are interested in.

30-04-2019Policia Nacional

A 46-year-old was arrested on Saturday after he tried to steal a high-end watch from a teenager.

Around twenty to eight in the evening, the teenager and his father were sitting on a bench in the Plaça Joan Carles I in Palma. The thief appeared through bushes behind the bench and forcibly attempted to remove the watch. He ripped the boy's jacket in the process, but the father was able to prevent the theft. He ran off and jumped onto a scooter ridden by another individual.

Four National Police officers on motorbikes happened to be passing. They noticed that one of the two people on the scooter wasn't wearing a helmet - the man who had attempted to steal the watch. They pursued the scooter, which was being ridden in a dangerous manner. It was abandoned on the Via Roma and the two ran off. When officers caught up with them, they reacted violently before being restrained and arrested.

The 46-year-old is from Naples. Police say that the style of the attempted theft was in line with how people related to the Camorra mafia in Naples operate. They typically use false Italian documentation when renting scooters and accommodation. The police want to establish where the two were staying and have a key ring that is marked 'G7'. If members of the public have any information, they should call 091 or 971 225 282.

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