Rubbish collection, one service for which there is decreased satisfaction.


According to the survey of satisfaction with public services by the Urban Services Observatory (OSUR), residents of Palma have given a 47% rating. This is nine points lower than last year and ten points below the national average.

The director of OSUR, Ramiro Aurín, said yesterday that the number of people dissatisfied with municipal services in Palma had gone up seven points to 31%. He observed that there is "much ideology and poor management" in Palma and that the city's services have gone backwards.

Street cleaning obtained a 22% satisfaction rating, fifteen points below the national average. Water supply was the only service to get an improved rating. Satisfaction went up five points to 63%, bur this was below the national average of 75%. For public transport, the second best service in the city after water supply, there was a 52% rating, eight points down from 2018 and five points below the national figure.

Rubbish collection and care of public spaces received lower satisfaction ratings; they were down seven and eighteen per cent respectively. The cleaning-up of dog mess obtained the lowest rating of all - 15%.

The findings were based on a questionnaire with 5,500 respondents in the thirty largest cities in Spain, an average of 183 per city therefore.

A survey last week by the Organisation of Consumers and Users found that Palma was fifth worst out of sixty cities for street cleanliness. This was based on 5,260 respondents in the sixty cities.

A month ago, the municipal services agency in Palma, Emaya, announced that it would be appointing a consultancy to conduct surveys of residents' evaluations of services.