Xema Muñoz, mayor of Lloseta.

02-05-2019Miquel À. Cañellas

The mayor of Lloseta, Xema Muñoz, has reported to the Guardia Civil that he has been the victim of a campaign of threats and harassment for the past eighteen months. Muñoz, who is standing for re-election on behalf of PSOE, has denounced anonymous letters accusing him, among other things, of being a sexist and other anonymous texts sent via WhatsApp. There have also been threatening emails.

Recently, trucks belonging to his company were daubed with graffiti. In addition, calls have been made to his home in the early hours, while there have been disturbances to wake up his children.

The local PSOE party in Lloseta has expressed its unconditional support to Muñoz and to his family. In a statement, the party said that it rejects and condemns the offences, "which cannot be tolerated in a democratic state". The statement went on to hope that those responsible are identified and that the full weight of the law is applied to them.