The ships will be leaving Mahon on Saturday for Palma.

03-05-2019Javier Coll

Some 900 troops from seventeen countries will be arriving in Palma today. Sixteen ships and a submarine are to take part in a multinational anti-mines exercise in Balearic waters.

Known as Spanish Minex 19, the whole exercise started towards the end of April and will conclude next Friday. Led by the Spanish Navy, it also involves the air force and a naval helicopter.

NATO minesweepers that operate in the Mediterranean will be involved in this exercise that will see the various ships cross from Mahon and then engage in an intensive week in which the "mission" is the opening of various ports in Majorca which are closed because mines have been detected.

A press conference on board the Tornado command ship is to be given at 12.30 today. There is to be a reception this evening, and tomorrow the public will be able to visit the Tornado and minesweepers at Porto Pi and see their capabilities, which include the use of robot submarines. The exercise itself will start on Monday. Crews from the ships will meantime be able to enjoy a spot of shore leave.

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