Poster regarding the disappearance of Natalia Sánchez Uribe.


The parents of 22-year-old Natalia Sánchez Uribe from Palmanova, who disappeared in Paris a week ago, have pleaded for her case not to be turned into a "circus".

Natalia was due to return next week to Barcelona, where she is a student. She has been at the Sorbonne in Paris on an Erasmus exchange. On Wednesday last week, she was moving in temporarily with a friend, the rental contract on her flat having come to an end. She took two suitcases to the friend's apartment and left to collect a third. She didn't return to her former flat. Her friend was the last to see her. Since then, a back pack with her personal belongings, including her phone, has been found in a park.

A month before her disappearance, she had said that she felt she was being harassed and followed. It would seem that she was prone to being somewhat jumpy and to exaggeration. No one took her seriously. But last Wednesday she disappeared.

Her father is in Paris, where the Spanish Embassy is providing full support. The French police in charge of the investigation are receiving assistance from the Guardia Civil.