The poll suggests that Francina Armengol will still be president after the election.


Opinion polls by the Centre for Sociological Research (CIS) in the Spanish regions where elections will be held later this month indicate strong support for the PSOE socialists.

In the Balearics, the poll suggests that PSOE will win between 17 and 19 seats in the Balearic parliament. The party obtained 14 seats in 2015 plus one from Gent per Formentera. Més are forecast to win between seven and eight seats (nine in 2015). This is the same prediction for Podemos, who won ten seats at the 2015 election.

According to the poll, therefore, the lowest number of seats that PSOE, Més and Podemos will win in combination is 31. The majority is 30 (out of 59).

The poll contains more bad news for the Partido Popular, who are forecast to fall by up to six seats. They won twenty in 2015; the poll's range is 14 to 16. Ciudadanos are forecast to get nine or ten seats; they currently have two. El Pi, with three at present, are looking at the same number or one fewer.

Vox, the poll suggests, might fail to win any seats. The forecast is zero or one.