Protest by Son Espanyolet residents.

08-05-2019 Son Espanyolet Residencial @EspanyoletSon

Residents in the Son Espanyolet neighbourhood of Palma have been complaining for some considerable time about properties that are used for holiday rentals. They have objected in particular to the noise and unacceptable behaviour by tourists and have highlighted the fact that there are often parties which create disturbance.

On Wednesday, a group of residents gathered to protest against the proliferation of properties for tourists. The platform for Son Espanyolet residents distributed photos across social media which carried messages that Son Espanyolet is a residential and not a tourist area and that Son Espanyolet is "resisting".

The Més councillor for ecology at the town hall, Neus Truyol, tweeted a response in which she said that her party will be proposing that there is a ban on holiday rentals in neighbourhoods such as Son Espanyolet, where the properties are houses and not apartments.