One of those arrested is led away from a property in Palmanova.


A couple, two males, were arrested in Magalluf in the early hours of Thursday morning in connection with suspected child abuse.

The parents of a sixteen-year-old reported the abuse allegations to the Guardia Civil a few days ago. The abuse is said to have been occurring for a number of years; the parents have only recently been told about it by the child. It is alleged that it was perpetrated by the owner of a dance academy, whose partner - understood to the manager of a well-known disco club - has also been implicated.

The arrests were made at two in the morning at an address on the Avenida Magalluf. Later on Thursday, the two (ages 31 and 36) were taken to an apartment in Palmanova. Four workers who were carrying out renovations were told to leave. The property in Magalluf has been rented, while work is carried out at the apartment.

Sources close to the two are suggesting that the accusations are a form of revenge by the child's mother. The child was apparently withdrawn from a competition in Los Angeles because of bad behaviour. Described as a business partner of one of those arrested, the mother is said to have taken exception to this and wanted to sell her part of the business. The amount demanded was "exorbitant" and the academy's owner refused to pay it.

The two appeared in court in Palma yesterday afternoon. The hearing continued until two in the morning, at the end of which they were released on charges.