Calvia police are checking on bar noise in Magalluf and other resorts.


Over the past month, Calvia police have taken action against establishments for the breach of noise regulations. Sixteen of these apply to Magalluf and one to Santa Ponsa. Fourteen are for having doors open after midnight, two are for music activity outside and the other because the sound limiter wasn't operating.

In the case of doors being left open after midnight, this is classified as a serious infringement of acoustic contamination law and can attract a fine of up to 12,000 euros. A bar in Magalluf (Punta Ballena) is currently appealing against this maximum fine and a potential closure of two years. For the other offences, the fines are up to 3,000 euros and incur a suspension of music activity for a month and one day.

The police will continue to check on noise. Legislation has established that decibel levels at night cannot exceed 35.