Gloria Francisca with fellow workers at Aqualand in Arenal.


The National Police established controls at ports and the airport yesterday in order to prevent the 16-year-old son of Gloria Francisca Zavala from leaving Majorca. The police have been looking for him since Wednesday but suspect that he may left the island and the country with his girlfriend some time before her body was discovered early on Wednesday morning. An international search warrant has been issued.

According to the police, the relationship between Gloria and her son was not good.

A neighbour of Gloria, whose body was found in a garage at her Arenal home, says that over the weekend she heard "strange movements". The walls are thin, explains Isabel María Garrafé, and she could hear noise and thumping.

Another neighbour reports that friends and work colleagues of Gloria had gone to the house on Monday. It was very strange that she hadn't gone to work.

The Guardia Civil and National Police are both involved in investigating her death. Inspectors went to the Aqualand waterpark in order to talk to work colleagues. Gloria had been a cleaner at Aqualand for fifteen years. She was very well liked and very helpful. She had asked the lifeguard coordinators at the waterpark if they could find her son some work.

The last time she was seen was at a bus stop on Sunday morning. A worker at Aqualand says that some friends have said that she had an argument with a person close to her on Sunday. A minute's silence was held for her at the waterpark on Wednesday.

Because of the decomposition of the body, the autopsy has been unable to establish definitively how Gloria died. Samples have been sent to a laboratory in Barcelona in order to try and clarify this.