The Kayros, surrounded during the operation last Sunday.

19-05-2019Interior Ministry

The Guardia Civil have brought 600 kilos of cocaine from Malaga to Palma, the haul having been found on Sunday on a boat that was off the south coast of the mainland. The boat belongs to an Ibizan who is resident in Majorca. The drugs will be stored until a court gives instruction for them to be incinerated.

Operation Rabbit resulted in the arrest of the owner and a Lithuanian, the two people on the boat, named Kayros, when it was boarded by officers including members of the organised crime and drugs squad based in Palma. The cocaine, said to be of high purity, had been hidden at the stern of the boat, which had come from South America. Its movement had been monitored and once in the Mediterranean and Spanish waters, the operation was put into effect and Kayros taken to Malaga where a full inspection was carried out.

No further arrests are expected.