The capacity at Cuber (pictured here) and Gorg Blau is down to 50%.

26-05-2018Pau Figuerola

The Emaya municipal services agency in Palma is to restart the purchase of desalinated water. For the time being, the agency will only buy in what is absolutely necessary.

Limited rainfall this spring has depleted reserves in the Cuber and Gorg Blau reservoirs. They are currently at 50.3% capacity, which is not considered to be sufficient for the whole summer, the forecast for which is that it is going to be very dry. Other sources, e.g. aquifers, are in good condition at present.

Emaya stopped buying in desalinated supplies in March last year. The reservoirs were full and subsequent rainfall was reasonable.

The reservoirs are not in fact the main sources of supply. Consumption of reservoir water in Palma last year was the highest it had been for ten years, but it was only 28.2% of the total. Wells, with 53%, provide the largest source.

Deslinated water is bought from the regional goverment's Abaqua agency. Ceasing purchases in March last year meant a saving for Emaya of two million euros.