Balnearios six and seven are where many German holidaymakers gather. | Pilar Pellicer

The local police have sanctioned a total of 60 bars and restaurants for failing to comply with the new bylaw for so-called zones of special tourist interest (ZEIT) that was introduced in April.

Despite this, antisocial behaviour in Playa de Palma is said to be spiralling out of control this year. Hoteliers have complained about large groups of Germans descending on the resort on weekends for massive alcohol-fuelled parties which are being sold and promoted in Germany and also in Playa de Palma. They warned yesterday that they will take matters into their own hands and expel German troublemakers.

Palma town hall has come under fresh pressure from the hoteliers association and local residents to step up policing in the area and to enforce the bylaw, but hoteliers have had enough.

The specific areas of maximum attention are Playa de Palma, the Paseo Marítimo, the centre of the city, Joan Miró avenue and Cala Major. What the zones mean is that they are subject to tougher controls and sanctions for excessive drinking, anti-social behaviour, acts contrary to public safety, corruption of minors and affecting residents’ peace and quiet. The public safety councillor Angelica Pastor said at the launch that during April there was to be an information campaign and an increase in the number of police to ensure compliance at a time when tourist numbers start to increase.

The zones operate for six months until the end of September. Specific measures include a ban on the display of alcohol products and their publicity on terraces and in the front of shops. Bar crawls will be outlawed as will be drinking contests, buckets for alcohol and offers such as happy hours and two for one. There are to be regular inspections and the basic fine for infringements will rise to 3,000 euros.