Over the past few months there have been mounting complaints about Britons being unable to secure appointments to renew or apply for residency permits, however it appears that the issue has been resolved. Dolina Reynolds, head of the international department at Calvia town hall said yesterday that there had been a block on appointments.

"For quite a long period the Foreign Office (extranjería) was giving no appointments whatsoever to Britons, but after the Brexit extension they started again."

The system is working but Dolina Reynolds added: "It’s pot luck, really. Sometimes you go into the system and can be lucky enough to get an appointment straightaway."

Apart from the confusion over Brexit, an apparent lack of staff has been affecting applications from other countries as well. Foreign residents associations have denounced what are described as serious problems with getting appointments. The situation is leaving people vulnerable if their residency documentation has expired. The president of the Al Maghreb association for Moroccans, Mustafa Boulharrak, said recently that the office’s website was indicating indicates that there were no appointments available.