Warming up in Majorca. | Efe

June is forecast to bring a turnaround in the weather. After an unsettled May, spokesperson for Aemet, Ruben del Campo, said yesterday that June is going to be marked by unusually high temperatures and plenty of sunshine. He forecast that average temperatures are going to be between 10 and 15ºC higher than usual in some regions of the country with the heatwave moving across Spain from the north west from today.

With only 22 days to go until summer officially gets under way, it appears that it has come slightly earlier. After a warm and dry weekend in the Balearics, here in the islands and the western Mediterranean in general temperatures are going to continue climbing and are expected to peak at around 35ºC or more by Wednesday before settling down to temperatures more common for June.

Aemet weather stations, as of Saturday morning, were forecasting differences across the island. Sa Pobla, typically one of Majorca's 'hotspots', is expected to have a high of 34C by Tuesday. In the south of the island, the weather stations are predicting a few degrees lower.