When negotiations for government started four years ago. Only one member of Més or Podemos, Fina Santiago (fifth right) is still around. | Jaume Morey

As negotiations start for the new pact of government in the Balearics, Més are understood to be making a new environment tax a stipulation for their support of the government.

This tax would be on businesses which are responsible for pollutants. It had been on the table four years ago when the "agreements for change" were drawn up by PSOE, Més and Podemos. It was, however, one of the few items that wasn't then followed up.

Podemos didn't have this as a specific policy in their election manifesto, but their secretary for organisation, Alejandro López, says that they are receptive to backing the tax. Més representative, Miquel Gallardo, argues that the tax would be of social and ecological benefit. Businesses should not harm the citizens, he states.

PSOE were opposed to the tax because they felt that the tourist tax was sufficient. There were different elements to the environment tax proposal, such as one on pollutants produced by commercial aviation and another on overground electricity networks.