Margalida Ramis and Amadeu Corbera presenting their demands. | GOB

Environmentalists GOB have set out ten measures that they want the new government to adopt within its first one hundred days. Among them are a stop to all work under the agreement for main roads; a revision of plans for the ports and airports with the aim of containing growth; reform of tourism legislation so that for any one new accommodation place which is created, two would have to be removed.

GOB are calling for these measures in order to alleviate "socio-environmental emergency". They also want legislative changes to prevent property speculation and to regulate property purchasing by non-residents.

The environmentalists are seeking the total protection of rustic, green land. This would require amendment of various plans, such as that for intervention in tourism areas (PIAT). On climate change, GOB are calling for a plan to define exactly where renewable energy plants should be sited and a further plan for the management of the coasts in order to prevent the "total lack of control" during the summer.

With regard to airports, GOB want the government to intervene with the plan for expanding Son Sant Joan. This will increase the commercial area and the car parking and be solely for the benefit, they argue, for the Aena airports authority. GOB point out that the national ministry for ecological transition has reports in respect of this project. The environmentalists are also seeking regional responsibility for the management of Son Sant Joan.

GOB's president, Amadeu Corbera, says that these measures are "essential" if the new government wants to demonstrate its commitment to the environment. He believes that the last government failed to meet this commitment.