No aquatic activities for now in Playa de Palma. | Michel's

There are currently no aquatic activities off the beach in Playa de Palma. There would normally be the likes of banana boats and paddle surf, but these are not available, and the reason lies with a Spanish government decree of February this year. This regulates human activities on the sea and ensures that they are compatible with conservation objectives. Environmental protection measures have been strengthened in order to ensure the conservation of marine ecosystems.

Authorisation for aquatic activities can be obtained, but this is not now being granted automatically, which used to typically be the case. Town halls need to have a favourable report from the ministry for ecological transition which states that there is compatibility with the marine environment.

Processing this report and the documentation associated with it is the reason why there is a delay to aquatic activities in Playa de Palma. Once the procedure has ended, assuming there is a favourable outcome, permission is for four years before renewal is required.

Palma town hall doesn't know when the authorisation will come through. Nor does the company with the concession for the services and nor, more importantly, does the Costas Authority. Services on the beach, such as sunloungers, are operating as normal; in Playa de Palma at any rate. As reported in the Bulletin yesterday, there aren't sunloungers in the Llucmajor part of Arenal; the town hall is still waiting for the Costas' permission.