The van used by the bogus tax collectors.

The federation of tourist holiday stays, FETV, is warning that there are con artists going to holiday rental properties and demanding payment of the tourist tax. The federation highlights a recent case of this in the eastern part of Majorca and suspects that there have been others.

The president of the federation, Jordi Cerdó, made police authorities aware of the case and is advising all property owners, whether they are members of his federation or not, to tell their clients that they should not pay anything to individuals who just turn up at the door. With the tourist tax, guests in villas and other rented properties should in any event pay the tax when they arrive.

The police have started investigations. These suggest that there are two individuals with a white van, rented in Madrid, who are going to properties. They speak basic English. In the case that the federation has referred to, the holidaymakers renting the villa took photos of the vehicle; they had suspected that there was something suspicious.