Punta Ballena on Saturday night. | Michel's

Calvia police issued a statement yesterday which reported the arrest of eight individuals in Magalluf over the weekend for robbery with violence directed at tourists.

The eight, Senegalese citizens aged between 20 and 36, were apparently operating as illegal street sellers. Working in pairs, one was attacking a tourist by applying a bear hug or pushing, while the other kept watch. Those detained were in possession of stolen items - smartphones, SIM cards, wallets, watches, bracelets and a gold chain.

The attacks on Saturday and Sunday morning were along Punta Ballena. Two people needed treatment for injuries. One was a tourist, who confronted the person who had robbed him, was threatened with a bottle and had to be taken to the Santa Ponsa PAC health centre following a fight. The other was a police officer.

The town hall has applied for court orders to keep the eight away from the area; it is understood that they all live in Palma. The town hall also stresses that there will be reinforcement to security from next week when the Guardia Civil station themselves at the tourist information office.

The statement from the police follows a report in the media at the weekend about the growing number of attacks by illegal sellers, or those masquerading as sellers.