Posidonia remains at Sa Rapita beach. | Terraferida

Fomento del Turismo, the private organisation Majorca Tourist Board, yesterday expressed its concern at certain issues which put at risk the future of the Balearics tourism economic model.

The board has drawn attention to anti-social behaviour on behalf of some tourists, illegal street selling, and the neglect of "some of the emblematic beaches" in Majorca. It considers that certain issues are arising because of a lack of police control and vigilance. Things are happening which are harming the good name of Majorca, one that has been acquired over several generations.

The Fomento has reserved particular criticism for the "irresponsibility" in respect of the accumulation of deposits on beaches. These are hindering beachgoing by residents and tourists, and "no one seems bothered about removing them". A few days ago, the amount of posidonia remains at the beach in Sa Rapita (heading along Es Trenc) was highlighted.

The tourist board observes that the geopolitical situation in the Mediterranean has changed and so the number of tourists coming to the islands in 2019 is lower than in recent years. For this reason, everything possible should be done to maintain beaches and infrastructure "in impeccable condition".