One of the robbers caught on camera. | Policía Nacional

Two individuals were arrested on Monday in connection with robberies from cars in Manacor.

Early in April, the National Police started to receive reports of thefts from tourists' hire cars parked by shops and beaches in Manacor. Documentation, cash and belongings were being stolen.

The thefts focused on two specific models of car. The doors were being opened and the central control was being deactivated. The robbers themselves were using hire cars, which made it more difficult to identify them. Officers eventually traced one of the two, who was hiring the cars that the other used.

A surveillance operation was mounted on Monday at a Palma location where the robbers' hire car was to be returned. The two were arrested, and a search of the car uncovered quantities of cash. The police suspect that the two have been responsible for 32 instances of breaking into cars.