Plaça Cort, well populated with terraces. | Archive

Since the application of new Palma ordinance regulating occupation of the public way, the number of terraces has been reduced by 17.1%. A year ago there were 1,047 terraces; there are now 868.

The 179 fewer terraces include 79 which cannot now be authorised according to the bylaw. The other 100 are being applied for in that checks are being made to assess whether they meet the bylaw requirements or not. These are outstanding because, according to the public service department at the town hall (which regulates terraces), there have been that many requests. Personnel, it is explained, have to open new files for each one and assess whether, for example, modifications have to be made to the terrace.

The reduction in the number of terraces is due to the new bylaw being stricter. Definitively approved in July last year, it is only now that its effects are being felt. From July until the end of 2018, existing licence conditions still applied. A further reason is the necessity for terraces to leave 2.5 metres of unoccupied public space in the old part of the city. Elsewhere, this is two metres, which was previously the case in the city centre.

There has been a significant drop in the number of fines for breaching terrace space. Between January and mid-June last year there were 310. Over the same period this year there have been only 68.