Neus Truyol, Palma's councillor for decent housing.

Neus Truyoi of Més, now councillor for the model of the city and decent housing at Palma town hall, announced yesterday that there is to be a limit to the cost of renting property. In order to do this, she explained, amendment to Balearic legislation will be necessary, as will be the backing of the Balearic government.

Truyol observed that although the holiday rental of apartments is prohibited in Palma, there is still need for further intervention. The first step will be to limit monthly or annual rents. The objective will be to "dignify" access to housing for the people of Palma. "We are in a social emergency situation."

She noted that the Balearic population is set to increase by 80,000 over the next fifteen years and that this will affect Palma in particular. The cost of rent, Truyol said, has increased 40% since 2013. This, in no small part, has been due to "speculation". In some areas of the city, e.g. Pere Garau, 50% of incomes are being spent on rents. A more typical percentage should be 33%.

The town hall, she added, receives over 100 requests per day for assistance in paying rents. Help with housing, she continued, will come from the government's Ibavi housing agency. It is due to build 450 new social housing properties in Palma over the next two years.