Rosario Sánchez with hotelier representatives and chiefs of the state security forces. | Delegación de Gobierno

Rosario Sánchez, the national government delegate in the Balearics, yesterday presented the plan for summer police reinforcements to representatives of the Majorca Hoteliers Federation - president Maria Frontera and vice-president Maria Jose Aguiló. She was accompanied at the meeting by the chiefs of the Guardia Civil and National Police.

The interior ministry in Madrid, within the framework of the annual tourism security plan, has increased the number of officers for the Balearics by 22%. The total security force presence will be the highest since 2011, which was when the special arrangements for Spain's main tourism destinations were initiated. The reinforcements total 264 - 155 National Police and 109 Guardia Civil officers.

Sánchez thanked the federation for having facilitated accommodation arrangements for these officers, some of whom will stay at hotels. During the meeting there was discussion about the prevention of excesses caused by too much alcohol, especially in Magalluf and Playa de Palma.

For Sánchez, this may well have been one of her final formal duties as delegate. She enjoys the confidence of President Armengol and is expected to become the new Balearic finance minister. Former president of the Balearics, Francesc Antich, has been mentioned as a possible replacement for her as delegate.