The gun was found in a rubbish container. | Guardia Civil

The Guardia Civil have arrested an individual responsible for robberies on consecutive nights at the same hotel in Puerto Alcudia.

The first of the robberies was on the Friday of the week before last. The hotel receptionist was threatened by a person wearing a mask and brandishing a gun; 500 euros were handed over from a cash register. The following night, a knife was used to threaten the concierge; 3,500 euros were taken from a safe.

Alcudia police and the Guardia Civil established that the same person was responsible. A search of his home uncovered the knife, clothing used during the robberies and much of the cash that had been stolen. The gun had meanwhile been found by a member of the public in a rubbish container near to the hotel; it was an air gun.

A second individual has been arrested and charged with supplying information about the hotel to the robber.