The accused in court in Palma. | Alejandro Sepúlveda

A 32-year-old Libyan was sentenced on Tuesday to eight years for stabbing two Germans and threatening police officers with a knife.

The incidents occurred last September in Arenal. Around half one in the morning of the third, the accused got into an argument with a German tourist, who was stabbed in the chest. A friend went to help and was stabbed to the extent that at one point he was fighting for his life at Son Llàtzer Hospital.

Palma and National Police officers went to the scene and were confronted by the accused, who was acting in a hostile manner and made repeated advances towards the officers with the knife. The police fired into the air on several occasions. As he remained aggressive and refused to obey the police, an officer shot him in the ankle.

The prosecution had initially demanded eighteen years on two counts of attempted murder and one of threats to the police. Through an agreement with the defence, this was reduced to eight years.