Fina Santiago and Miquel Ensenyat in discussion on Thursday, while Bel Busquets consulted her phone. | Jaume Morey

Més are to hold a special party assembly on Monday in an attempt to resolve the row that erupted on Thursday, when the investiture of Francina Armengol was totally overshadowed by the sudden crisis that had gripped the party.

This stemmed from the decision of the executive committee, driven it would seem by the party's coordinators - Bel Busquets and Guillem Balboa - to not allow Miquel Ensenyat, Fina Santiago and Vicenç Vidal to take up posts that had been agreed in the negotiations for forming the government pact with PSOE and Podemos.

Party leaders were locked in talks until three on Friday morning and continued later yesterday. These talks were described as tense, with agreement hard to find. The party seems split between those who believe that the three should take up the posts (Ensenyat, senator in Madrid; Santiago, social services minister; Vidal, environment minister) and those who feel there should be new faces.

There are others who think the whole affair was very poorly handled and who blame Busquets and Balboa. The two are being accused of having acted in a unilateral manner and having wanted to ensure that certain heads should roll because of the poor election performance by Més and the subsequent negotiations regarding the pact.