The car park which has been denounced by GOB. | GOB

Environmentalists GOB have denounced "a car park with payment in a protected area of Formentor" to the Council of Majorca's land department, the Council's agency for the defence of territory and the government's directorate for natural spaces and biodiversity.

Pollensa's mayor, Tomeu Cifre, has confirmed that this refers to part of the car park operated by the Formentor Hotel and which is used by the thousands of vehicles that go as far as the beach each day. The demand for the car park has increased because of the traffic restrictions from the beach to the lighthouse.

Cifre adds that the car park was operating when the previous town hall administration was in place and that he "will not be contributing to even more chaos" on the Formentor road. "If the car park is on rustic land and the agency for the defence of territory wants to assume the responsibility, it can close it."

The town hall is meanwhile working on an alternative arrangement for the road to be presented to the relevant authorities - the Council of Majorca, the regional government and the traffic directorate. This would entail closing the road from Puerto Pollensa at least at times when traffic is typically at its heaviest. The town hall believes there is sufficient parking in Puerto Pollensa for people to then use the shuttle bus to the beach and the lighthouse.