Someone jumping from one balcony to another.

A Facebook page has been set up which mocks tourists who have fallen to their deaths from hotel balconies in Majorca.

The site called “Balconing Mallorca“ includes a league table of nations – giving points for injuries and fatalities.

The UK tops the 2019 table with six points – clocked up for three injures and one death.
Freddie Pring, 20, tragically died after falling from a hotel in Magalluf earlier last month.
Listed on the page is the number of cases of ‘balconing’ – meaning trying to climb on balconies by jumping from one room to another.

The chart details the number of ‘balconing’ cases per nationality – and even the number of balcony deaths per nation.

In one of the UK incidents, a Scottish teenager was filmed jumping into a tiny tree from his hotel in Magalluf at the start of June.

It’s believed he broke his collarbone and several ribs after a branch failed to support his weight.

The group has set up a petition that is calling for ’balconing’ to be an Olympic sport for the 2020 games in Tokyo.

The petition reads: “The ‘balconing’ has not only put Magalluf on the world map of risk sports but is also an effective catalyst of natural selection.

“Each year, a handful of drunken tourists choose to eliminate their genes from the evolutionary race, thus allowing the fittest – the least stupid, in this case – to occupy their biological niche.”