Temperatures remain high across Majorca.

The Balearic government’s animal protection body, Cobib, has treated over 241 common swifts over the past four days for the effects of the heat.

A spokesperson for the Environment Ministry explained that swifts, which usually nest in rooftops, have been found on the grounds across the islands as they fail in their search for some cooler air.

In total, some 253 animals have been treated in four days in Majorca alone, but the majority have been swifts which, due to the lack of cool air, lose their energy to fly.
The animal care centre appreciates the cooperation from the general public it has received since the heatwave first hit with scores of people having either taken suffering animals to the centre or called the local police and vets.

However, with such a heavy workload, the centre has set up a team of volunteers which will collect any animals in need of care over the summer.

A special telephone number has also been created for anyone wishing to report an incident. It is 607 554 055. The common swifts are considered a protected species in the Balearics and rarely, hardly ever, land as they spend all of their time in the air. They are migratory birds which can cover 1,000 kilometres in one day.