A terrace in Palma. | miquel a. cañellas¶

There may be some new faces on Palma city council but it appears that the dispute with local bar and restaurant owners over terrace sizes and opening hours is going to rumble on this summer.

Last year, the council was locked in a battle with bar and restaurant owners in Santa Catalina, the Born and other popular city locations over new regulations governing the size of terraces.

Many, especially the smaller establishments which rely on their terraces for over 50 percent of their takings, have sought legal advice and intend to challenge the city council.
This year, the argument is over terrace opening hours.

La Llonja has already been served with earlier closing hours, which many of the establishments fear will hit business, especially during the summer season and also lead to the loss of jobs.

One of La Llonja’s most famous tapas restaurants closed its doors earlier this summer - others are concerned they may be forced to follow suit.

Now the dispute has spread to s’Escorxador, where Cine Ciutat, popular for its English films, is located. s’Excorxador is in fact a private venture but the new city council rules and regulations still apply and that means that the terraces have to be dismantled by midnight and many of the bars and restaurants are having to begin turning new arrivals away at 11.30.

One bar has already had to lay off three members of staff due to the downturn in late trade from clients waiting until the temperatures cool down before going out.
The cinema has also complained that it has also noticed a fall in takings.