Damages after the river Cidacos burst its banks, causing floods, following hours of intense rain late Monday, in Tafalla. | Jesús Diges

One man's body has been found after a river burst its banks during sudden, torrential rain in the northern Spanish region of Navarra on Monday night, the local government said.

Footage showed the raging Cidacos river, which surged from 11 centimetres (4.3 inches) to over four metres in a few hours, spilling onto the streets and sweeping away anything that lay in its path.

The storms in Navarra caught the regional government by surprise, with four times as much rain falling than originally forecast and coming just a week after a Europe-wide heat wave that caused two deaths in Spain.

Graves daños en Tafalla, Olite y Pueyo por la intensas lluvias registradas desde ayer

The government of Navarra recommended people stayed in their homes today around the worst of the floods as heavy rains continued and surging waters smashed through major highways, dragging cars, tree branches and debris in its wake.