Montse Peréz. | T. AYUGA

At the end of May, 52-year-old Montse Pérez underwent plastic surgery at Son Llàtzer Hospital for eliminating excess skin and reducing her stomach. She says that it has “ruined” her life.

Three days after leaving hospital, she went to her doctor for a check on the operation. The bandage was lifted and there was a discharge. A new bandage was applied. Two days later, the bleeding was continuing. Eventually she went to emergencies. The wound on her stomach was black and green. She was admitted but no one told her what had happened.

One doctor asked if she was the patient with necrosis. Everyone seemed to know the problem except her; she had gangrene. Further surgery was proposed, but instead two drips were applied to her stomach and the bed was inclined so that she was in a V-shape and unable to move. The hospital director, Xisco Marí, visited her, and she lodged a formal complaint with him regarding the treatment and lack of care. She asked that the doctor who had performed the surgery be removed. This was turned down.

IB-Salut, the public health service, has confirmed that the doctor works certain days at Son Llátzer. She, the surgeon, has apparently denounced Montse Pérez for having made threats against her in front of witnesses. The patient herself is receiving psychiatric treatment.

It would appear that there is a second case of gangrene. This relates to a patient who was operated on by the same doctor.