An ambulance in Punta Ballena. | Michels

The Balearic Ib-Salut health service has reached an agreement with the National Police, Guardia Civil and the various local police forces so that they can call for police escorts and protection when ambulances are called to “conflict” zones such as Punta Ballena in Magalluf, Arenal, Playa de Palma and San Antoni in Ibiza or to any other incidents which could result in aggression.

The new protection system has been called Panic Code and the SAMU061 emergency service said that all ambulance crews have the right to activate the alert whenever they feel at risk.

The move has come in response to a significant increase in the number of attacks on ambulance crews and medical teams in key resorts, where alcohol abuse and the consumption of drugs is common.

The new security operation is due to come into force this summer and will be applied across the Balearics, although it is only expected to be used at a handful of resorts.

All cases involving attacks on ambulance crews and medics are registered, and the health service has noticed a marked rise in the number of cases this summer. A mounting number of ambulance crews have complained to their bosses about the lack of protection and their fears that the incidents are becoming increasingly violent.