The office in s’Escorxador; no appointments till next month.

There is currently a month's delay in getting appointments to register with Palma town hall (the "padrón") or to notify a change of address. At present, the first available appointment isn't until the nineteenth of August.

The situation has provoked an increased number of complaints about delays; in the second quarter of the year there were 21 complaints.

The town hall attributes the delays to staff being on holiday and to the high number of appointments - these are put at 21%.

Montserrat Oliveras of the opposition Partido Popular has criticised the situation and will be raising the matter at the next council meeting. Oliveras notes that delays have repercussions for people seeking social services assistance and various requirements, such as residence certificates for discounted flights and the citizens travel card within Palma.

The town hall explains that there are some 100,000 movements of people over the course of a year. This is a particularly high figure and has been increasing in recent years.