Cigarette butts collected in Playa de Muro.

An initiative for removing cigarette butts from the beach in Playa de Muro involves participants getting pa amb oli in exchange for butts that are collected.

Muro town hall and the concession holders of the beach chiringuitos are working together on the campaign, which on Thursday morning saw some forty volunteers picking up butts from a stretch of beach. The exercise took around an hour from nine o'clock.

Town hall representation included the mayor, Antoni Serra, and the police officer who is the coordinator for the beach, Toni Carrió. In addition, Miquel Garau, who has been behind the campaign for no more cigarette butts, was invited to go along and take part. Garau explained that next month there will be an "exhibition" of all the butts collected as part of this campaign: it will be "the mountain of shame". The cigarette ends are a threat to fauna, they take up to ten years to decompose, and they are also indicative of the nuisance caused to non-smokers on beaches.

The stretch of beach for Thursday's collection was between the Los Principes Hotel and the Playa Esperanza Hotel, which is close to the Albufera grand canal. There will be a second collection next month - eighth of August - at the Capellans end of the beach, near to the boundary with Can Picafort. The total length of beach in Playa de Muro - urban and rustic - is 5.2 kilometres.