No one was hurt by the stuff thrown from the balcony.

In Palma at around seven o'clock on Friday morning, a 22-year-old started hurling items from a third floor balcony onto the street below.

He was in an apartment on the Calle Santa María del Sepulcro, close to Avenida Jaime III. Furniture, flowerpots, beer cans were all thrown from the balcony. A resident had to stop the traffic in order to prevent any injuries.

A National Police patrol went to the scene. They arrested the 22-year-old, a Spaniard. Two Britons in the same apartment had been asleep; they had no idea about what had happened.

Initially, he wouldn't open the door when the police arrived. When he relented, the officers found him to be disoriented and under the influence of alcohol. At first, the police thought that he should be taken to the psychiatric unit at Son Espases Hospital. They decided against this and followed normal procedures in taking him to police headquarters.