Tourists on the beach. | David Arquimbau Sintes

The Algarve has taken the top spot as the most family friendly destination for Britons this summer, but Majorca is up there as well.

Columbus Direct analysed popular holiday destinations within a five hour or shorter flight time from London to come up with the 20 best locations ideal for a family-friendly holiday.

In the survey, destinations were given an overall score out of 100 and were measured according to various criteria - the number of family-friendly hotels, the number of child-friendly restaurants, the number of activities deemed good for kids, the flight time from London and the distance from the airport to the nearest holiday location.

The Algarve tops the leader board as the ultimate family-friendly destination with a score of 78 out of 100 - which is over ten points higher than any other location. Known for its beaches, fishing towns and coastline,the region attracts around four million visitors each year. Of all the destinations analysed, the Algarve also shows off the second-highest number of activities considered to be child-friendly by Columbus Direct, with various water parks, zoos, and boat trips to see wild dolphins. In addition, the Algarve is also home to 275 hotels that are described as being family-friendly, and a further 2,529 resorts.

Cornwall in the UK was found to be the second-best destination for a family-friendly holiday with the shortest flight time of just over one hour and the most child-friendly activities, while Spain and Greece hold the most family-friendly locations with the most popular areas including Majorca and Rhodes.

Stuart Lloyd, Travel Insurance Expert at Columbus Direct said: “Booking a family holiday can be a challenge for parents as there are many different aspects to consider when finding the perfect destination. From choosing accommodation and restaurants to eat at that have experience in catering to children, combined with the need to choose a location that hosts plenty of activities that both children and the whole family can get involved in.

“It is great to see so many destinations provided by our European neighbours that cater to families on holiday and help make parents’ choice far easier and stress-free”.