Blood in the interior of the police vehicle.

The Guardia Civil and Capdepera police detained three tourists following a fight in Cala Ratjada that involved some twenty people.

The incident occurred overnight on Saturday. When officers arrived on the scene, they came under attack; some required treatment. One of those who had been involved in the fight had to be taken to hospital intensive care; he was said to be in a coma.

Residents later congratulated the police and Guardia for their intervention but criticised a typical lack of nighttime police presence.

Cala Ratjada is a predominantly German tourist destination. The resort does have a reputation for occasional trouble. This is, however, more common earlier in the season; Cala Ratjada is popular for German "spring break" holidays. On this occasion, or so some comments on social media suggest, the trouble was caused by far-right elements from Arenal.