More local police for Palma. | Archive

José Hila, the mayor of Palma, announced on Tuesday that the city will be getting 120 new police officers. The recruitment drive is scheduled to begin in September. Exams will be held as soon as possible, and the intention is for all the new officers to be available from the start of 2020.

Hila, who once more noted that there hasn't been a police recruitment drive for ten years, explained that the majority of the new officers will be neighbourhood police and police tutors (who liaise with schools and youth groups). An overriding objective will be to ensure compliance with bylaws. Forty per cent of the new recruits will be reserved for women.

There are currently 658 police officers in Palma. Nine years ago there were 950. The aim is ultimately to bring numbers back to that level, but no further recruitment drives are as yet planned.