The incident happened by the Guardia Civil building in Magalluf. | Michel's

The 20-year-old British tourist who attacked a Magalluf club doorman with a broken bottle on Sunday morning has been remanded in custody. He appeared in court on Monday, and at a late sitting the judge ordered him to prison. Bail of 15,000 euros has been set.

The 26-year-old doorman required fifty stitches for wounds to his face. The Briton claimed in court that he had acted in self-defence. Witness statements and security camera images contradicted his version.

He had been ejected from the premises because of his behaviour. When he tried to return, there was an argument with the doorman, who was then attacked with a bottle that the accused picked up from a terrace table.

The incident occurred at around six in the morning and was at an establishment right by the Guardia Civil office on the calle Punta Ballena.