Scene of the rescue.

A French mother and her two young children had to be rescued yesterday by a Guardia Civil helicopter crew after getting trapped on a cliff edge in Soller some 80 metres above the ground.

According to the Guardia Civil rescue service, the mother and her two children, who are staying at a luxury hotel in the area, had decided to go for a walk along the cliffs.
However, as they got further away from their hotel, they suddenly found themselves trapped above an 80 metre drop with no way of advancing or returning to safety.

The middle-aged mother managed to contact the emergency services via her mobile phone and the Guardia Civil immediately responded and mounted an extremely complicated and dangerous helicopter rescue mission. The terrain where the family were trapped is extremely harsh and rugged, which made it difficult for the helicopter and its rescue crew to get close to the trapped trio.

However, the pilot managed to eventually guide the helicopter into position, landing one of the skids on the edge of the cliff, and the mother and the exhausted children were lifted to safety as quickly as possible.

The two children were very scared but the professional members of the rescue team successfully lifted all three on board the helicopter which flew them to Soller where the police drove them back to their hotel.

None of the three were hurt, just extremely shaken up by their ordeal.