Legislation planned to get the Balearics on its bike. | Joan Torres

The government wishes to reduce the over one million vehicles on roads in the Balearics; some 720,000 of these are cars. Transport minister Marc Pons has presented the draft for sustainable mobility legislation, an aspect of which is the objective of cutting car use. Central to this law will be regulation mechanisms for limiting vehicle access to urban centres and sensitive areas. Town halls, it would appear, will have the right to decide on limitations and restrictions.

A further measure will be to establish a network of out-of-town car parks; these are considered to be essential for reducing vehicle pressure in urban centres. Allied to the desire to bring down car use are means of promoting public transport. More railway stations, more bus stops and more lanes exclusive to buses are envisaged. The legislation will also provide the administrative tools for creating the planned tram system from Palma city centre to the airport and future railway lines.

Bike parking points will be installed by bus stops and railway stations, while incentives are to be considered for getting more schoolchildren to use bikes.