Cars for hire

Cars for hire in Majorca.


The militant group Arran has released a video of its members vandalising hire cars in various parts of Majorca as part of its on going anti mass tourism campaign.

Most of the attacks were carried out in the centre of Palma and the group is threatening to widen its campaign.

Arran first sprung to life in Barcelona and over the past two years has become more active in Majorca mounting protests outside of popular restaurants and other stunts.


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RA local / Hace over 2 years

JP you can see how the guiris mark us down. Find another place to protest, this outlet is not influential anyway and full of weird uneducated Brits.


JP local / Hace over 2 years

TERMS USED HERE ARE MASS TOURISM. AND YES! IT IS A DISASTER. Along my 47 years of life here all I am seeing is this place going straight to be doomed. But many of you here don't see it the same way as you haven't been born here. Thousands of tones of plastic generated by all inclusive hotels, thousands of rent cars congestioning the roads and polluting the atmosphere, WATER SCARCITY, etc etc etc ah and I'm not mentioning the posidonia meadows being distroyed by leisure boats... I advocate for a much better quality tourism and sustei nable with the environment and local economy.


Ra Local / Hace over 2 years

Ok John and Rob, I will make a prediction. All of the items I mentioned will drive tourists away anyway. Watch: there will be a year on year decline in tourist numbers over the next five years. I won’t comment further but will keep this and see you in five years. And prove Mr Moore and you guys wrong. Can’t wait for next year’s figures.


John Parkinson / Hace over 2 years

If tourism is such a disaster,block the airport for say one month and stop us nasty holiday makers coming.It will be interesting to read how clean the island will be,bankrupt but clean. Still back to school for you eco warriors or college to be funded by mummy and daddy who probably make their money from us nasty tourists!


Rob / Hace over 2 years

JP I’m sorry but you are so wrong! The hire cars used are the least polluting vehicles on the island. Tourists do pay taxes AND TOURISTS ARE THE ONLY PEOPLE WHO ACTUALLY DO BUY FROM TINY SOLE RETAILERS!!!! I agree there are ways to limit numbers so that the island does not become damaged but your arguements are not valid. I sold my apartment 2 years ago because of the zoning etc and so did many others. When you have no job and you have to go to the mainland to work, I will accept your apologies !!!!


tut tut / Hace over 2 years

Oh James, sadly you could do with some education - especially in spelling.


Biel / Hace over 2 years

Actually there is a tax ( one of a few ) that does stay on the island. It’s what was known as the céntimo sanitario, now called something else, added to fuel prices, which helps finance the local National Health.


RA Local / Hace over 2 years

JP totally agree with you. Every year, more pollution, dirty beaches, sewage spills, cars and traffic jams, smog over Palma as bad as LA, dirty cruise ships, crime, shopping malls, calls for Sunday opening...I could go on. Try getting Jason Moore and MDB to agree with you, however, is a wasted exercise. This island is doomed.


JP local / Hace over 2 years

Mass tourism is a disaster for our islands. It kills small business and pollutes enormously our coasts. Unfortunately, thanks to this wild, unsustainable tourism you hardly see proper local rent a cars, they can't compete with these mega multinationals. While they pollute our island with their fumes and con gestionats the roads no taxes whatsoever remain in the island. Don't agree with Arran, but I don't recognise this island no more, It is all CHEAP PLASTIC GLASSES HOLIDAYMAKERS. And very indecorous youngsters.


Biel / Hace over 2 years

50 years ago we didn’t have democracy but we certainly had law and order and an excellent education system. What went wrong ?