More police is requested to watch for illegal street selling. | (c) Sergio G. Canizares

The president and general manager of the Afedeco smaller retailers association met Palma town hall and police representatives on Monday and presented twenty requests. More police in order to ensure compliance with bylaws, such as that which applies to illegal selling, was among them.

The association expressed concern about public works in the city centre during the summer and the harmful impact these have on retailers. In Palma, the only restrictions on town hall-directed work are before 11am and after 7pm. Afedeco contrasted this situation with that in Calvia, where there is no work from June to September.

Other matters on the agenda included demands for the control of begging "mafias" and access to the centre by cruise ship passengers. The association would also like there to be a study of the effects of holiday rentals on retailers and a return to the former system of collecting paper and cardboard. Retailers' packaging is now not collected until the evening, and this - the association believes - heightens the risk of fire. Also on municipal services, Afedeco said that the streets in Palma are "filthy"; the Emaya agency should clean them with water every day.

A further requirement had to do with Christmas trading. The town hall, according to Afedeco, has provided "zero collaboration" in the Christmas sales campaign.