The Police Department on the Playa de Palma. | Cañellas

The lack of Palma police officers is being blamed for the intermittent closure of the station in Las Maravillas (Playa de Palma). This station was one of the town hall's "stellar" projects for tourism. However, it is only open on an irregular basis.

On Sunday, for example, when the station was closed, a police telephone operator said that it was operational on the basis of "alternative schedules". The public was being recommended to contact the National Police, who provide 24-hour cover.

Police sources suggest that personnel shortage is making it impossible to keep the station open. Among its purposes is to provide an interpreter service so that tourists are attended to in their own language. It is also to facilitate joint efforts with the National Police.

The police have confirmed that the station was closed on Sunday but add that there were uniformed officers for patrols at the beach.