Palmira Beach in Paguera has been sealed off and closed to swimmers today due to a sewage leak. Apparently, as explained by Calvià Council, the problem has been caused by a blockage in the sewage system.

The incident took place in the middle of the morning and many swimmers were affected.

The local council does not know the exact cause of the blockage, but they believe it could be related to solids, such as swabs or plastics.

Three trucks from Calvià 2000 have immediately moved to the area to contain and pump out the spill. Samples have also been taken, and results are expected tomorrow.

For health and safety reasons, half of the beach will remain closed and it is expected that, depending on the results of the analysis, it will be reopened to the public tomorrow.

Residents in Paguera are angry over the leak and say that any storms cause sewage leaks on to the beaches of Paguera.