Rubbish in Manacor, when there was a local strike. | Guillem Mas

A CCOO union assembly on Tuesday afternoon agreed to an indefinite strike of street cleaning and rubbish collection workers.

The strike is due to start on the twenty-second of this month, though the union hopes that an agreement can be reached with the employers - the ASELIP association. The union is demanding decent pay and improvements in health and safety. Many workers, the union says, are not paid the 900 euros minimum wage.

The general secretary of the CCOO's construction and services division, Miguel Pardo, stresses that the sector in Majorca is one characterised by workplace precariousness, and contrasts this with the situation in Minorca, where agreements are better regulated. He adds that the union wants to avoid a strike, and so do the workers and town halls. "But if there is no agreement, it's the only solution."

The strike would affect coastal municipalities in particular. For this reason, tour operators and hoteliers associations have been expressing their concern and wanting the regional employment ministry to intervene.

Some 3,000 workers will be called out on strike. They work for four companies which come under the employers association. The largest of these companies, Melchor Mascaró, has indicated its willingness to sit down and have negotiations on a potential pay agreement.

Palma, Calvia and Puigpunyent would not be affected, as the town halls have their own municipal companies.