Barcelona player Leo Messi. | KIMIMASA MAYAMA - EFE - EPA

The Adecco recruitment company has asked children in the Balearics who they would most want to be their boss. For boys, 21.9% said footballer Leo Messi, while 12.9% of girls opted for Catalan singer Aitana Ocaña.

Messi's rating has increased by five per cent since last year's survey. Among others on the boys' list is Rafael Nadal (6.8%) in fifth place. In second place for the girls (8.5%) is American singer Katy Perry.

In terms of future careers, one out of four boys want to be a footballer, with 15.6% saying a police officer. With girls, the most popular career (20%) is teaching, followed by doctor (16.7%); 8.7% of girls would like to be a footballer.

The children were asked about politicians and who they would prefer to be Spain's president (prime minister). Pedro Sánchez was the favourite among boys with 12.1%. Sánchez was second among girls, 13.5% of whom would prefer their mother or father. The boys rated Albert Rivera of Ciudadanos second (9.1) and a parent third. Of other preferences among girls, Rafa Nadal was fifth (4.9%).